Daniela & Lino | Wedding Preview | Morningside Inn, Frederick MD

This past Saturday, March 24th 2018, was a day Gino and I had been extremely excited about for over the past year! We filmed and photographed our first wedding in 2018, but it wasn't just a normal wedding. It was the wedding of one of our all time favorite couples and favorite families! This past December we filmed another one of our favorite couple's weddings who just so happened to be the sister of the bride from Saturday! So we have already spent a full day with the family before and they are so much fun! 

Daniela and Lino started going out in 2010, one of their first dates was in DC and they started falling in love right away. 6 years later Lino took her to DC again for another date but this time he surprised her with an engagement ring! DC was such an important spot in their relationship we went back again to do their engagement photos there and they turned out incredible. 

We have photographed and filmed countless happy and in love couples, but Daniela and Lino take it to another level! Every time we have spoken or met up with them you can just feel the love coming off of them, if any of you personally know Daniela and Lino you know exactly what I'm talking about. At the wedding Saturday, you could feel their love throughout the entire venue! I like to think their love is so strong that even tho we got 16 inches of snow in Fredrick (even though it's supposed to be spring), their love had the entire crowd warm during the ceremony! 

Here is a little glimpse into their perfect wedding day: 

Wedding Preview-23.jpg