Younique Make Up With Emily McCord | Business Spotlight

Emily has been a close family friend for more than 10 years, and I am very proud to consider her part of my family! I can honestly say she is one of the most hard working people I know, she literally is always doing something productive (especially with networking)! Emily doesn't just promote sales for Younique, but also supports and manages a team underneath her, along with doing professional make up on the side for weddings, proms & etc! 

You can contact her here:

We also asked Emily what she personally likes about Younique and representing them:

"As a Younique presenter (and just in general) my goal is to uplift, empower, and validate women all over the world. One of the many reasons I am able to do that is through the Younique foundation - which was created to help women and children who have been sexually abused. The Younique foundation is a retreat in Utah that is completely free to the person attending where they can receive counseling, coping skills, etc. All purchases made help impact this cause, and I always round up my purchases to the foundation.

Becoming a Younique presenter has made me a better dog mom, girlfriend, leader, and overall person. I am so blessed to have this opportunity!"

-Emily McCord

Emily stopped over our new place and had us get some shots of her applying make up to better teach people about Younique and how amazing their products really are. After watching her apply it first hand I was shocked at how incredible the products really are. It's amazing how much of a different it makes, while we were doing photos I kept having to pause her to compliment how amazing Younique really was. We put together a step by step guide listing the exact products Emily used today down below, I highly recommend you check it out for yourself! Before you get to that tho check out some photos we took once she was finished her make up!

Younique Make Up-109.jpg
Younique Make Up-110.jpg
Make Up-1.jpg
Make Up-2.jpg
Younique Make Up-129.jpg
Younique Make Up-122.jpg

Of course at JAW Studios we're all about having fun so here are some behind the scene shots of Gino, Emily and our light set up!

Below is a step by step guide by Emily McCord herself on the products she used and how she used them to get her flawless look~

Step 1 Exfoliating Mask

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The importance of the exfoliating mask is to prep your face to receive makeup. Our exfoliating mask takes all of your dead skin and dirt off your skin to help you glow. Your makeup can only apply as perfectly as your canvas is set!

Step 2 Primer

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It is a crime not to prime!!! Primer is super important to help your makeup last all day, smooth your skin and make it ready to receive makeup, and will even help disappear those fine lines and wrinkles

Step 3 Foundation

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Our liquid foundation is super lightweight with amazing coverage. 4 drops is all you need for a medium to full coverage! best part, it dries to a powder finish!! contact me for a color match

Step 4 Concealer

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Our powder/concealer brush has many uses! i actually use mine for liquid foundation and contouring. the smaller end is perfect for it!

Younique Make Up-47.jpg

Step 5 Eyebrows

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Addiction palettes are my favorite because they are predetermined colors and they are all coordinated to look amazing together! I used the darkest brown in our addiction palette 4 with a wet brush to complete my eyebrow look. After that dried, i went over my brow with a brush that had some foundation on it to lighten it up!


Step 6 EyeShadow

Addition Palette 3 • Crease Brush • Cream Shadow Brush • Blending Brush

Addiction palette 3 was used for this eye look along with our crease brush, cream shadow brush, and blending brush. i always start with a matte color in the crease, then add shimmer to the lid and blend together for a smooth transition

Younique Make Up-65.jpg
Younique Make Up-69.jpg
Younique Make Up-70.jpg
Younique Make Up-71.jpg

Step 7 Blush

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I used our pressed blusher in the color sweet on the apples of my cheek and down my temple for a lighter, more coral look on my face. Blush is perfect in the summer!

Younique Make Up-75.jpg
Younique Make Up-76.jpg
Younique Make Up-80.jpg

Step 8 Highlight

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I used our touch a la mode cream to powder luminizer in the color benevolent on my cheek, on my brow bone, on my nose and on my cupid’s bow to help give my skin a radiant glow. A radiant glow is what will make you continue to look youthful!

Younique Make Up-81.jpg
Younique Make Up-84.jpg
Younique Make Up-85.jpg
Younique Make Up-87.jpg
Younique Make Up-89.jpg

Step 9 Mascara

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Epic mascara.. falsies with no hassle!!

Younique Make Up-95.jpg
Younique Make Up-97.jpg
Younique Make Up-101.jpg
Younique Make Up-102.jpg