Ashley & Jason | A Winter Evening On A Christmas Tree Farm | Jarretsville Farms

Anyone that knows us knows we’re all about CHRISTMAS!!! Christmas weddings will always have a special place in our heart but there is one thing that could make them even better. Being at Rosewood Farms!! So when we first heard from Ashley and she told us about her Christmas wedding at Rosewood we knew we were already going to be best friends. AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. Obviously we had to do a gorgeous engagement session at a tree farm and the photos turned out perfect! Ashley & Jason are the greatest and we couldn’t be more excited for their wedding in 2020!!

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Ashley & Jason met back in 2010 at a mutual friends house. After some time had past they began hanging out every weekend and knew there was something special. Their first date was on Dec 14, 2013 at Jason’s work holiday party in downtown Baltimore. He finally asked Ashley out on April 5, 2014. Took him long enough right??? Ashley, said I love you first! “Let’s just say after a night of drinking, liquid courage! Talk about romantic lol”

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When did you know each other were “the one” ?

Jason: After about 6 months of living together and all of my closest friends had met and fell in love with her too.

Ashley: I knew he was the one when he was there for me and my family during the heartbreak of my nephew passing away. He knew just how to be there without saying a word.

Tell Us About The Proposal

We were on a family vacation in Ocean City, Maryland and my Aunt (Ashley’s) had come down for the day from Delaware. We all went out for appetizers and drinks to enjoy the weather. The entire time at dinner Jason was super quiet now that I think about it. We were all discussing the plans for the night and he was adamant to just go sit on the beach, listen to music, enjoy a few cold ones, and watch the sun set. It sounded like a great plan to me! A little while after relaxing on the beach, Jason suddenly wanted to take pictures. This isn’t out of the norm especially with me because I’m always taking photos so it didn’t phase me. Well while we were posing, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever. But honestly all I remember is him saying “you know I love you right?” Haha I was in complete shock. Never in a million years would I have thought he’d ask in front of people. But I’m so happy he did, especially my mother!

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Tell Us About The Wedding!

December 12, 2020 at the most beautiful venue I’ve ever seen, Rosewood Farms! We are going for a very romantic wintery feel with hints of dark red. Can’t wait for the day and for it to be documented by JawStudios!!

Doesn’t this blanket just give you all the Game Of Thrones feels <3


You know how we do, we love them low light night time shots!

Ashley + Jason Engagement-105.jpg
Ashley + Jason Engagement-110.jpg

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