Christine + Doug | Sunflower Fields & Apple Orchards

We first met Christine & Doug at Bohemia’s open house last August and became friends instantly! Not only are they also huge fans of a moodier photo edit but they’re friends with one of our favorite couples of last year: Lindsay & Richard! We went for a super moody fall engagement session and the photos turned out perfect!! Here are some of our favorites along with a little interview with Christine & Doug! <3


When & how did you meet?

We technically met when we were in middle school (back around 2004-2005) - we went to different schools, but grew up and lived in the same town, so we crossed paths through mutual friends and met. We didn't actually start getting to know each other and hanging out until high school (between the years of 2007-2010). Doug graduated high school in 2008 and I didn't graduate until 2010.


How did you start dating?

We started dating on August 17, 2011. We had both gone to different colleges, dated different people, but still continued to keep in touch. We then were both single that summer and working at the beach (Christine in Ocean City, MD and Doug in Dewey Beach, DE). We reconnected and started hanging out again, and quickly realized we were alway meant to be more than friends and had always been in love with each other. We then started officially dating at the end of the summer!


What are your favorite interests and activities to do together?

Our favorite interests include trying new restaurants together (we love treating ourselves to a fancy dinner!), going to concerts and music festivals (we love electronic and jam music the most), and exploring new cities and taking vacations (we LOVE visiting Colorado - that's where Doug proposed!) We plan to start traveling internationally together once we are married. First up is our honeymoon to Italy and Greece the summer after we are married! And then in 2021, we are planning to visit Japan!


What hardships did your relationship have to overcome?

Distance in the beginning (colleges were 4 hours apart), the beginning of taking the next step and living together - simple things like splitting up chores around the house, etc. - not so much a hardship, more just figuring out a new way of living with each other instead of on our own, and the timing of both of us realizing we were meant to be was not the same at first, but then it all fell into place exactly how it was suppose to the summer we started dating :).


Who said "I love you" first & how?

Doug told me he loved me first late at night on the beach in Ocean City right before we made our relationship official. We were having a heart to heart about our lives and it ended by him saying those words and telling me how thankful he was to have me in his life. I, of course, reciprocated and told him how much I loved him too - and the rest is history!


When did you each know the other was "the one"?

I think we always knew deep down we were meant to be within the first few years of meeting when we were friends who always had feelings for each other. But I think we truly knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together within our first year living together and taking that next step.


Tell us about the proposal!

Doug proposed to me at the Denver Botanic Gardens when we were on a trip there for HIS birthday! I of course had no idea he was planning to propose that weekend since we were there to celebrate him. We went to brunch and then to walk around the gardens. We stopped by a beautiful tree and waterfall and I saw on the sign that the tree was Norwegian, and I am Norwegian too! Once I said that, I turned around and he started telling me how much he loved me and all he wanted for his birthday was me. It was so surreal as he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I of course said yes immediately and was filled with happiness and tears. It was very very special!


Tell us about the wedding plans!

We are getting married at Bohemia River Overlook on Saturday, 9/21/19. We saw about 10 venues, with Bohemia being the second one we saw, and fell in love with it. Nothing else came even close to how beautiful and perfect this venue is. It feels like a destination wedding, while still being in Maryland! It will be a somewhat of a bigger wedding as we both have large families and so many friends! We are both heading to Vegas for our bachelor and bachelorette parties (different weekends of course) in May. We then plan to take a minimoon right after the wedding to somewhere in the Caribbean, and take our real honeymoon in summer of 2020 to Italy and Greece! We are so excited for the rest of this year and our future together!


Bohemia Overlook is a gorgeous venue that has 3 separate event spots, the barn the manor and the beach! Last year we did a 3 part styled shoot there with Jessica J Events and we just fell in love with the venue! In fact we love the venue so much we have a huge promotion for all weddings at Bohemia Overlook!