Kayla & Adam | A Crossfit Disney Fairytale | Crossfit King Of Prussia


Our 2019 wedding season kicked off earlier than expected with one of the most unique and special weddings we’ve ever shot! What was so special about it? It was my childhood best friend’s wedding!!

I have know Kayla since I was 2/3 years old, she lived across the street and attended my moms daycare. Kayla is an incredible and kind person and within 60 seconds of talking with Adam you can just see how perfect they are for each other! I'm so happy to not only been a part of such an incredible day, but to be able to capture and document it as the magic unfolded! I took up wedding photography because I love capturing stories, memories and emotions. It’s especially great when people put their personalities and interests into their wedding and aren’t afraid to be different. Adam & Kayla have an amazing story and the definition of a perfect and different wedding.


Photography & cinematography is my passion and I love every wedding we do. Words can not describe how excited I was to do what I love for a best friend! Enjoy Kayla & Adam’s story, some of our favorite photos and a video glimpse into such a kickass day!

They first met in Charleston, West Virginia at a Crossfit Gym. He was moved there for work, and she was selected to move there for her clinical rotations. It’s crazy how things happen. They both happened to be placed in the same city from their jobs, chose the same crossfit gym and the same time to workout. I mean, talk about fate. These two kids are both huge Disney fans so it’s no surprise their encounter would be the start of a fairy tale.

At first they started hanging out with a group of friends from the gym. Then he started asking her to hang out just the two of them. They would got to church on Sundays, get coffee, watch movies and make dinner together. Eventually, after one of their amazing days he took her to his undergraduate school UVA and asked her to go out with him!


They both knew they wanted to say “I love you” but were both a little nervous. He said it first on Valentine's Day after dinner and a movie! And she immediately said it right back.

Adam knew Kayla was the one last February, he booked a cruise for October and knew around then was when he’d propose! Around that same time Kayla also knew he was the one and would even talk to her best friend Melinda about it.

Every relationship has hardships, in fact it’s overcoming those hardships that make a relationships strong. Adam was promoted to Philadelphia, with out a second thought Kayla moved with him to complete her fourth year of medical school. It was hard to find clinical rotations, but Kayla knew she didn't want to spend a year apart from him. However, for four and a half months she had to be away on military rotations, so they weren’t able to see each other for a while. On top of that they were also in different time zones which made it hard to talk. One would always be falling asleep, but they always found time to talk everyday even if it was just to say hi.


After being apart for those four and a half months, they had their four day Carnival cruise to the Bahamas in October. After that they had two days in Walt Disney World! Kayla had worked for Disney before medical school, and he knew how much she love Disney. Adam is also a pretty big Disney fan. The Disney trip is where Adam knew he was going to propose so he was extremely nervous. He told Kayla it was because he was thinking about how someday he’d liked to ask her Dad for permission to marry her. Kayla has a close relationship with her family, especially her Dad so this meant so much to her. Little did she know, Adam had already talked to her Dad before the cruise! He also talked with Disney to set up the proposal at Epcot! They had an incredible day at Epcot, and finished by waiting for the fireworks. Adam knew Kayla wanted to dance with him during the show, and told her to ask a Castmember to take a picture of them. That Castmember already knew about the proposal and she was going to take pictures and video!

They slow danced as the music started playing. He looked at her and said, "Kayla, I'm not afraid to ask your dad because I already asked him." Then he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She was in shock and so excited! There were about 40 people behind them watching the show, saw the proposal, and started screaming and cheering.


It was the most perfect proposal! A scene right out of a movie script. They danced until the end and went home. Kayla was so in awe of what happened that she didn't even notice the rest of the show. When they got back to the hotel he told her to watch the video. She was like, "what video?" She had know idea that the Castmember filmed the dance. Adam spent hours watching the Epcot firework shows so he could time a kiss perfectly with them. Adam listened for certain cue and then kissed Kayla at the exact moment the final dozens of fireworks went off. Kayla said watching it on the video was like being proposed to all over again! She relives that moment a lot and just typing and talking about it gives her goosebumps. This video is at the end of the wedding film at the top if you haven’t checked that out yet!

The ring was also part of the Zales Disney Enchanted series. Kayla has Aurora's engagement ring and Disney is engraved on the inside.


Let’s talk about the wedding! They both wanted a beach wedding with family and friends, but Kayla was starting a general surgery residency in the US Army the upcoming June. She also wanted to take his last name before she became licensed as a physician. There wasn’t much time to plan a big beach wedding before their move to Texas where they’d start their new life. They decided that they wanted to get married now and have another ceremony and wedding later on when there was more time to plan it! Kayla & Adam were at their favorite place working out and had an epiphany! Why not have it there, Crossfit King of Prussia! Since they met at a Crossfit gym it was only fitting to be married at one. They talked to the owner, Aimee Lyons, who was thrilled! Kayla’s mom, sister and best friend, Melinda, got to work on planning! Kayla and Adam kept it small an invited their closest friends and family.

Once everyone arrived they all pitched in on helping set up. It just made everything that much more special. I also have to give a huge shout out to Kayla’s mom, Laura, who was like a second mom to me. She came in with a game plan on how she wanted to set everything up and I was shocked over the creativity. A squat rack was turned into a wedding arch, pylo boxes held bouquets and of course there were string lights! The whole thing came together pretty perfectly.


It wouldn't have been as special without everyone that was there! It was small, unique and perfect for Kayla & Adam! After the ceremony everyone went out to a dinner to celebrate with tomahawk steaks and cake!

“We are so appreciative of everyone involved. It could not have been better!” - Kayla


Kayla’s Dad, Jim, was like a second father to me, and I can honestly say I have never seen a bigger smile on his face then when he was walking Kayla down the aisle! I’ve always been a sucker for the father daughter first look, walking the daughter down the aisle and the father daughter dance. I think they are some of my most favorite moments to capture and I’ve captured 100s now but Jim had to be the happiest and most proud Dad I’ve ever seen <3


With such a unique wedding you know we HAD to do some unique couple poses!


ANOTHER shout out to Kayla’s mom on making the perfect bouquet for Kayla, instead of just a standard bouquet, Laura made Kayla a 700lb dumbbell~

Out of the roughly 7 and a half billion people on this planet, you choose to be with one single person, and they choose to be with you. That alone is something miraculous, and it's that something that drives JAW Studios. A wedding is a celebration with your soulmate and loved ones. Theres no right or wrong way to have a wedding. It’s your day, make it special for you. I can honestly say this was one of the most beautiful, special, unique and personal weddings I’ve ever captured. It will forever be one of my favorites.

We also did a fun and different engagement shoot with Kayla & Adam! Enjoy their photos below with some more about their relationship!


“Adam and I have a lot in common and that is why we knew each other was the one. We both take fitness very seriously. We are in the gym at 5am before work, and then we got to Crossfit at 5:30pm. We also meal prep every Sunday because diet is also very important to us. It helps us stay on track with our workouts!” - Kayla


“We like to go on adventures! Whether it's a trip to a place like Punta Cana or a trip to Ikea, we have fun doing anything. I think our perfect day would be a great workout followed by delicious food. We are big foodies. Then we would spend the rest of the day watching Netflix, playing video games, having a Nerf gun fight and working on Disney puzzles. We do puzzles a lot, and when we finish a Disney puzzle we frame in somewhere in the house. I think we have six done so far. We also like building and refurbishing furniture into a steampunk theme! We just have a lot of fun together.” - Kayla


Kayla & Adam have a honeymoon cruise planned in May and are excited for their next adventure in Bermuda! They are are also in the process of finding a new house and moving to Texas. They both have very busy lives, but we always find time to hang out with each other and have fun. Kayla & Adam plan on getting a kitty and a puppy once they move to Texas! They’re looking forward to the future and all the new adventures that lie ahead! Congrats again to Mr & Mrs Rizzo, I couldn’t be more happy for the two of you and can’t wait to see what your next chapter entails! Super excited for the beach wedding too! <3